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And stay tuned! I've begun work on a new album of gospel music and have already tracked a number of the instrumentals with some of the finest players in Nashville! I'll keep you posted!

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Well, I'm still amazed,
surprised, and very thankful indeed, to have gone to Nashville to record my latest album, "For Sentimental Reasons." Not only does that bring to mind the name of one of the great songs we're including, it pretty much says why I'm doing this.

I loved growing up in a home where my sister stacked about three inches of vinyl on the record-player spindle, and here came the tones of Nat King Cole, Perry Como, and so many of the great crooners (think Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, etc.) singing the classic songs from what is often called "The Great American Songbook." The more I sing them, learn about them, and listen to them, the more I want to sing some of them and share them with my grandkids and posterity. So here we go!

The recording sessions went great! Most of these folks have worked on Grammy Award-winning albums! An amazing experience! Steve Dady, the owner and engineer at Sunset Blvd Studios, is utterly amazing! I can't say enough good about Darrell Bledsoe, my producer, and this is our third album together! Ted Wilson did an incredible job charting, arranging, and leading the tracking sessions. And getting to work and listen to Jason Webb (keys), Dave Alexander (guitars), Steve Brewster (drums), John Hammond (drums), Danny O'Lannerghty (upright bass), Craig Nelson (upright bass), and Mark Douthit (tenor sax)--well, what a completely sweet experience! All these guys are as nice as they are talented--and that's saying a LOT! (Google their names, go to their websites, and you'll get a better idea of the incredible talent they bring.)

My daughter-in-law Amy was there to record two songs (of the twelve) with me. She did SO well (as usual)! What a blessing! (And thanks, as always, to my wife Juana, for her incredible support!)

I hope you enjoy the album! If you have even half as much fun as all of us making it did! 

I'll always love most singing the songs about God's love, but He is the Author of real love, joy, and beauty everywhere, and all of us on this project pray that His joy will be found in every note sung and played on this album.


Whatever the date, it really won't be long until Christmas and the beautiful music of the season! How about an album or a few for gifts!? And how I love to sing Christmas concerts! We're praying that the current pandemic will be history, and maybe live concerts will be easier to resume!

I love Christmas, and I'm always thrilled when it rolls around again, and I'm blessed with another opportunity to sing some of the most beautiful and meaningful music we EVER sing! "One Christmas Night," my Christmas album, is a joy-filled celebration of the Reason for the season! 

A gift to you is available right now, even though it's not Christmas, if you just click on "Store" and go to "One Christmas Night." Scroll down to "Mary, Sweet Mary" and it's available for you free! This is definitely one of my favorites of the songs I've recorded, not least because I got to sing it with my daughter-in-law, Amy! It's my gift to you.

A "sample" page of other songs has been added on this site. I hope you'll check it out! Among them are some more of the American Songbook classics, such as some I've been privileged to sing at Lubbock's Cactus Theater. Just click on "Samples" at the top of this page. 

If you're interested in a program for any venue--large, small, church or other group, or just a concert at your home for some friends, well, again, we're praying that the virus pandemic will be history before too long. Until then, my "Upcoming Events" page is a little thin. But it won't be forever! 

Sample tracks from each of my professionally recorded CDs are here on the website for you to check out! And the CDs are available for sale here all year around! 

By the way, if you'd like to look at some pics we took while recording, and also some photos from various concerts, just click on "Photos."

Recording an album is an amazing process! It's some of the hardest, most fun, work I've ever done! Darrell Bledsoe, my friend and producer, did a great job on each of these albums. The new album was recorded completely in Nashville at Steve Dady's incredible  "Sunset Blvd Studios." For the Christmas album, we recorded live instrumentals for 10 songs at Rushing Wind Studios in North Carolina. All the vocals, mine and the background vocals, were recorded at Glenn Storlie's amazing Covenant Recording in Amarillo, where the "mixing" was also done.All my vocals (and Amy's) for the first album were recorded at Covenant Recording. 

What a blessing to get to work with some great folks and fine friends all up and down the line! Thanks so much for your support that makes all of this possible!

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Here is the Christmas album! A nice gift!

And some of these, too!