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Curtis Shelburne has lived, worked, and ministered during most of his life in the Texas panhandle, though his ministry in singing, writing, speaking, and preaching has taken him and/or his words about the Word across our nation. Hailing from a ministry family (the son of a minister and brother of three ministers), Curtis grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and went on to earn degrees from Abilene Christian University (B.A., Bible), and West Texas A & M University (M.A., English). He is the author of two books. How To Measure a Rainbow (Covenant Publishing) and Wing Whispers of Love (Covenant Publishing). He is also the author of one chapter of Unleashing the Potential of the Smaller Church (ed., Shawn McMullen, Standard Publishing).
Easter Sunday, 2020, was Curtis’ 35th anniversary as pastor of the 16th & D Church in Muleshoe, Texas. A passion for the unity of Christ’s people has been the hallmark of Curtis’ life and work and has for many years led him into warm association with Christians from many different denominations as his singing, speaking, and preaching—and God’s joy within it—has never recognized walls that separate people of faith.
Music has always been a huge part of Curtis’ life and ministry. While still in high school, he began singing bass for the Amarillo-based “Psalms IV” Gospel Quartet. Curtis says, “I met my wife, Juana, as our quartet was singing at a church in Turkey, Texas. At that same church, I later cried at my own wedding—because I was having to leave the quartet for us to go to college!”
Since Curtis’ first CD album, A Place of Grace, was released in 2012, he has sung almost 300 concerts for many varied groups and churches, with music ranging from traditional gospel, “light contemporary” gospel, some gospel with a little country flavor, a LOT of Christmas music, and some old classic love songs. His second album, One Christmas Night, was released in the fall of 2013. That album, and the story of Curtis’ family and music, was featured in Accent West magazine in December 2013. Samples of his music—all of the professionally recorded songs and demos of much of the rest—are available on this website, along with a schedule of his upcoming singing events, his blog, a YouTube video of “Written in Red” (a duet sung with his daughter-in-law Amy), his podcast, and more. 
For thirty-seven years Curtis has served as Managing Editor of The Christian Appeal monthly devotional magazine (subscriptions available free upon request) and for many years he has penned the Focus on Faith series which appears weekly as newspaper columns (print and Internet), e-mail columns, and Internet blogs. A free subscription to his e-column is available upon request. (Just use the "contact" form on this site.) Almost two hundred of his columns are available for reading here at his website under the “blog” tab. And he has recently begun the "Focus on Faith with Curtis Shelburne" podcast. (A link and subscription option is available on this website under--you guessed it!--"Podcast".) Curtis has also done audio book narration. (Just plug his name in at Amazon, Audible, or iTunes for samples.)
Curtis has also served as a dean for the Summer Excitement Youth Leadership School, as a member of his local school board (18 years), and has been chairman of the Abilene Christian University Visiting Committee for the English Department. He also enjoys snow skiing, stained glass crafting, and motorcycle-riding.
Curtis’ wife, Juana (Cotten) Shelburne, serves as a municipal judge, and holds an honorary but well-deserved doctoral degree in making a wonderful home. They have four sons, four daughters-in-law, and seven amazing grandchildren.

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