A Recipe for a “Stress-free, Perfect” Thanksgiving?

“Stay with us,” came the morning TV tease, “and we’ll hear from a restaurant critic who’ll help us plan for a ‘stress-free’ holiday. Coming up is his guide to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.”

Well, that put a bad taste…


Some Thoughts on Pride, Flies, and the Common Cold


It’s quite true. Pride is still the deadliest of the sins besetting fallen humanity. As pervasive as acne at a Justin Bieber concert, sinful pride entwines its roots around and throughout the human heart, and only the Spirit of…


Jacob & Esau: A Tale of Two Brothers

The big, hairy, red-skinned man threw his arms around the neck of his brother and wept. He hadn’t seen the man for over twenty years, and the emotions welled up within him and overflowed.

His brother was emotional, too…


“Do Not Store Up for Yourself E-mail on Earth”

“You’ve got mail!”

That was the voice AOL users like me once heard every time we checked our e-mail (and still do, if we check it on AOL’s site). I suppose it was when I started using Microsoft’s Outlook…


Labels Can Be Frustrating–and Sometimes Dangerous


Sometimes labels can be confusing.

In the grocery store, “low fat,” “lite,” and “fat-free” do not mean the same things.

I quit diet sodas a decade or so ago, partly because they obviously make people fat. (Since I’ve already…


What Is Truly Precious Can’t Be Stuffed Into a Bag

It’s time again for me to try to tame my computer bag. I already know I’ll fail. This bag will not be tamed. It eats stuff. While I’m not looking, it chomps down on gizmos and gadgets, cords and…


Real Joys Here Are Glimmers of Joy Hereafter


I once thought it was a bit strange that most of us think of “heaven” as being “up.” Since pretty much 100% of us who are still breathing (minus a few astronauts now pitifully reduced to hitch-hiking skyward with the…


Some Thoughts on Lawn Care, Sabbath, and Trust


I just finished an unusual yard-mowing experience.

As usual, mowing and trimming is about a three-and-a-half hour job. We’re not talking here about a polite little postage stamp-size lawn. This is a 10,000 square foot yard, acreage that in some…


Mis-identification Can Have Consequences–Good or Bad

If my younger brother and I had both been football coaches, we’d probably call each other sometime on Saturdays to discuss how things went at the games on Friday night.

As it is, since both of us are pastors…


A Long Surprising Train of Wonderful Blessings


Well, we had a great “Listening Party” last Sunday!

I didn’t know what a Listening Party was until Darrell Bledsoe, my friend and producer of my new music CD, said several months ago, “Curtis, when the album’s ready, we…


A Page from an Old Sermon Stands the Test of Time


For a lover of the Word and words, a preacher-type who loves anything good and beautiful set in type, you just couldn’t find a better Christmas gift than one I received over a decade ago and am still loving.