Red River Rocking and the Community House Porch

It’s so good to be back!

I’m sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of the Red River Community House, Red River, New Mexico. It’s a Sunday evening, Labor Day weekend. This morning I sang and preached…


“That’s Good, But Let Me Help You Make It Better!”

My good friend Darrell Bledsoe, whose list of incredible accomplishments as a music producer, musician, choral director, songwriter, arranger (and the list could go on) is more than impressive, was my friend before he was the producer of my…


Compound Interest and the Health of Souls

I’ve got a fascinating fact for you, but first, a question. (Stop me if you’ve heard this.)

If someone (with money to burn or semi-truck loads of pennies) were to give you the choice of taking either one million…


The Fraternity of the Furrowed Brow

What does it mean when you lose your smile?

I once heard a “face reader,” a fellow who works with jury consultants, businesses (hiring personnel), and large corporations say that 40% of our facial “terrain” is inherited but 60%…


A Column Written in COVID-19 Isolation

The past week or two have been, for my wife and me, surreal.

Having done everything we prudently could do not to contract COVID-19, we managed to welcome the little beastie aboard. Delta variant. Nasty guest.

“Prudence,” I think…


“Time for Bed, Child! Go to Sleep!”

When I learned that CBS’ 60 Minutes news program was doing a story on sleep, I was interested. Sleeping is one thing I’ve always been really good at. But if anyone has pointers to help my technique…


Mercy Received Should Also Be Mercy Given

  Some things never change. Most things, in fact. “In times like these,” said one wise man, “it helps to remember that there have always been times like these.” Yes, and people, too.

  While no one is absolutely one or…