“Send Me Some Money, and I’ll Set the Record Straight”




One of the folks running for president just sent me a nice note. That’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

No, it’s now actually about every other day that I find notes in my email in-box from several presidential candidates.

Better make that “candidates for president” since they’re not all, in my opinion, particularly presidential. And, to be more accurate and keep political science majors happy, better make that “candidates for their party’s presidential nomination.”

I get notes from different candidates (they seem to have decided that sharing their lists makes sense), but so far the email notes have come from only one political party. I figure the other party has profiled me (accurately) or may just be a little (understandably) skittish about email right now.

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to get that most recent note, particularly since the candidate counts me as “one of his closest and most loyal supporters.” (If that’s true, he’d better park his bus.) The note was urgent, he says, for at least two reasons.

First, the present front-runner (the guy whose hair is as mysterious as a televangelist’s and seems to defy gravity and any other logical explanation) has been saying some really unkind things about him, and he (the candidate who feels so very close to me and values my friendship) needs to “set the record straight.”

Second, setting the record straight is not cheap. The guy who’s sure he’s my guy is coming up a little short of his goal. Make that $340,970 short, to be exact.

I feel bad about his difficulty, and I feel worse because I’m pretty sure I won’t be sending any money his way. As selfish as this may sound, I’m about $2 million short of my own goal. Now that he’s given me the idea, I may consider writing emergency email notes to my closest and most loyal friends asking them to help remedy my own tragic shortfall.

Seriously, I can only imagine how much money it takes to fund a presidential campaign. Even for a guy with his name attached to a tower, it’s gotta be something more than petty cash. And I figure folks ought to be able to give their own money to whomever they wish. Since it takes little more than a pulse these days (and sometimes not even that) to be a registered voter, why shouldn’t it be just as easy to write a check to a candidate who desperately needs to “set the record straight”?

It just depresses me to think that the handlers of most of the candidates from both parties seem to think the folks they’re asking for money are all idiots.

When the time comes, I’ll vote. I’ll likely have to hold my nose when I do it. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine these days that anyone I’d really like to see as president is even remotely electable.

But in all of this, it’s a good idea to try to keep some sense of balance (and humor). Read a very little history and you’ll find that craziness in presidential elections is nothing at all new.

Most of all, it’s a great idea at all times to remember that our real King easily trumps presidents and plastic presidential candidates any day.



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